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Corona news

Despite the current restrictions due to the corona crisis, I will continue my work as well as I can, because preparation is the key to a positive birth experience. Babies will come like they always do, crisis or not, and so I will support women and their partners by creating an online environment where you can practice in a safe space, your own home.

Even though there’s a lot of anxiety and uncertainty these days it’s still important to create moments of rest, introspection and relaxation. You can do this by connecting with your body, your breath and your little child.

If you can’t go out….go inside.

The weekly lessons and the partner preparation evenings will continue via a livestream Zoom connection.

To register you can send me an email, or call me. I’m looking forward to meeting you via the lifestream. Everything will be allright!  Patricia.

Tel +316 43 27 54 93

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My vision

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 During pregnancy your body changes fast, so during these nine months it’s important to consciously adjust to these changes, and know and feel what’s happening.

BIB logo oranje klein transparant heel heel klein To use your body effectively in daily life you will need strong legs as a basis, and a relaxed pelvis from which the spine can freely stretch up. This will help prevent physical complaints like aches around the spine, pelvis or stomach, or feeling cramped and short of breath.

BIB logo oranje klein transparant heel heel klein By stretching stiff and shortened muscles you will give yourself the opportunity to relax and position yourself in various postures, which is vital if your belly is growing, or during a (vertical) childbirth.

BIB logo oranje klein transparant heel heel klein During pain or stress the body often becomes tense and the breath is held. It’s important to learn to keep on breathing while discovering, feeling or exploring tensions. If you practice this during the yoga classes it will help you to surrender to the power of the contractions during childbirth. It may also be helpful if you’re able to and not be afraid to make sounds.

BIB logo oranje klein transparant heel heel klein While pregnant you have the opportunity to grow as a person while your baby is evolving. Your body, but also your mind, is going through an intensive proces of development. By expanding your inner awareness you will get more insight into yourself, your body and your life.

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Time: Thursday evening, either 17:30 – 19:00 or 20:00 – 22:00

Place: Centrum “De Roos” (near Vondelpark), P.C. Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW, Amsterdam

Costs: 90 euro per month

You can start at any time during the month, provided there's room.

Payments need to be made in advance


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Patricia Vriens

Centrum de Roos  PC Hoofstraat 183, 1071 BW

Yogaschool Amsterdam  Baarsjesweg 277, 1058 AD

TEL:  (+31) 6 43 27 54 93 | Mail: