Allison Woolcott ( jan 2020)

I could not recommend Patricia’s classes more highly. Through the partner birth courses, weekly women’s yoga, and a 1:1 massage session, the way I viewed my pregnancy, unborn baby, and birth completely changed! After a healthy pregnancy I gave birth at home - without fear! I was excited about it! - together with the support of my husband and midwife. I realize this is not for everyone, but I always admired women who did this, but never ever EVER thought I was capable. Patricia’s coaching changed the way I approach many things in parenthood and life. If you’re lucky enough to have her as a doula, I’m jealous! Whatever kind of birth you have in mind, Patricia’s classes will prepare you and your partner mentally and physically for the road ahead.

Margaux Manson ( jan 2020)

Les cours de préparation à l'accouchement du jeudi soir ne sont pas seulement un moment convivial, de détente et de partage mais m'ont également permis de prendre confiance en moi. 

Grâce aux exercices pratiques et au discours encourageant et soutenant de Patricia, j'ai complètement changé ma vision de l'accouchement.
Mon mari a également beaucoup aimé les cours avec partenaires, cela lui a permis de comprendre ce qui allait se passer et d'être davantage préparé à la réalité. Je recommande à 100%!!!!

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De voorbereidingscursussen op donderdagavond voor de bevalling waren niet alleen een gezellig, ontspannend en een moment van delen, maar stelden me ook in staat om zelfvertrouwen te krijgen.
Dankzij de praktische oefeningen en het bemoedigende en ondersteunende praten van Patricia is mijn visie op de bevalling volledig veranderd.
Mijn man genoot ook echt van de partnercursussen, waardoor hij kon begrijpen wat er ging gebeuren en beter voorbereid was op de realiteit. Ik raad het 100% aan !!!!

Joanna Sikora  (nov 2019)

Patricia - what a marvelous mentor. I have attended the couple childbirth preparation classes, weekly pregnancy yoga, pregnancy and baby massage. I especially recommend the pregnancy massage with simulation of contractions which gave me a lot of confidence and helped to embrace the birth event. Patricia is an experienced coach who very well understands emotions and can instantly tell what you need.

Sinem Eker den Rooijen

I'm so glad I had the chance to meet Patricia during my pregnancy. She supported me and my husband tremendously during this period. So grateful for her guidance and generosity to share. I would definitely recommend all pregnant ladies to meet her, believe me you will get some additional strength and confidence in your body in the end!

Sonia K. Smith

Patricia's classes helped me tremendously in my birth preparation. She has a gift to transfer her rich experience into a very intuitive, empowering guidance that resonates and stays with you to support you on your big day. Thanks to Patricia I went to my birth calm and confident.

Eva van Nunen

If you want to have a positive pregnancy and birth experience, you should meet and follow courses with Patricia. I knew that my baby would have a difficult birth if I wouldn't work on my body. Patricia was very supportive, caring and loving to help me to connect with my body. Her enthusiastic lessons prepared me both physically and emotionally for giving birth and for the first weeks with my baby. Even today, I still use the lessons that she taught me. I had a magical birth experience and I hope other mom's too will have this experience as well. Patricia can definitely play a big role in that!

Merel Laroy

Patricia's yoga classes during my pregnancy were a perfect preparation for my delivery. Thanks to her lessons I was super confident and that definitely helped me to give birth exactly the way I hoped!


I started yoga lessons with Patricia round week 30 of my pregnancy, so, unfortunately, I didn't spend a lot of hours in her company but, even in a short time, I enjoyed them very much, and I felt like I gained the self-confidence and the strength I needed to face the birth adventure in the best way possible.

I was attending yoga lessons somewhere else before, but after meeting Patricia at the childbirth preparation course, I loved her energy and the atmosphere she could create among the people of the group, so I decided to follow the course with her and to stop with the other one.

Best choice ever...I know, it can sound silly because you will probably never be totally ready for giving birth, but that was exactly the feeling I had, thanks to Patricia's lessons.

During her course, I could share so much and hear so many stories (bad and good) from her and the other girls around, that at a certain point I felt like I knew it all, that I was ready to give birth without fears and just with a huge curiosity.

Patricia was always really concerned about every one of us and truly interested in our feelings, physically and mentally.

I felt like I had wonderful "support group" around me, even if I was abroad, without my family and my closest friends.

That was exactly what I needed at that moment.


When I got pregnant I was very happy. I also understood that I needed to prepare myself mentally and physically. I am a survivor of sexual abuse and therefore I had mixed feelings towards my body and my past during the pregnancy. Sometimes I would get really afraid of the thought of birthing my own son.

To me preparation meant several things. I went to the weekly classes to work with my body so that I could get to know it through the nine months, to really go into my flesh using my breath and to love my body. I also went to the partner preparation classes with my partner and thought and talked quite a lot about my emotions, expectations and wishes for the birth itself. 

During the stage of pushing I was so complete as a human. Everything became silent and crystal- clear. I was in my own glass- clock. When I touched my vagina I felt my baby’s head. I said out loud: 'I feel his head. I got the urge to push.' I felt a bigger crowning. I supported the baby’s head. Then, his entire head appeared in my hand. His body turned inside of me and I guided him out of my body. He was born in a kneeling position in the bed.

The birth of my son was such an empowering experience. I feel changed in the way that I trust myself more. I feel as a strong woman!

Natasa Kazmer

Without Patricia, we wouldn't have been able to go through the very tough birth experience we had... I was very lucky to have Patricia as my dula and I also attended her yoga classes as well as the couple prep classes with my husband. She focused a lot on the holistic nature of the birth experience, preparing the body, mind and soul. She insisted that I work hard on myself and commit to the process. She did not promise that the birth will be easy, instead she empowered me to believe in myself and my body and that I will be able to go through it and remain confident and in control no matter what. My husband also found her classes and our private sessions incredibly useful, empowering and inspiring.

As in so many cases, my birth didn't go according to our well planned birth plan. But being so well prepared, I went through all hurdles and pains knowing that I WILL be able to do it. Alongside my husband, Patricia was by my side for all the 28 hours of my labor and was absolutely indispensable. She always said and did the right things to help me through the contractions, she was on top of what the medical personnel was doing and even taking care that my husband gets some food and a few minutes rest.

I highly recommend Patricia as a dula, as a pre-natal instructor and yoga teacher. Besides being technically and professionally on top of her game, she is a wonderful person and we are eternally grateful to her for all she did for us.

Melanie Clissmann  

Patricia is a Wise Woman and embodies female wisdom as I picture various women have throughout the centuries. She is an expert in birth: on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Through her pregnancy yoga, partner workshops, doula work and post natal baby massage classes, she inspires women to find themselves, their strength and their beauty, empowering them to become a mother whilst staying true to themselves and to their partner. She bravely bears her scars with pride and is open, genuine and transparent, leaving her ego behind her. Even after having my baby, I wish I could still see her regularly!

Kanila Lindeman 

Patricia is my friend for life and so to say life coach...she is a living example of a dedicated mother and woman and I learned so much from her by just being with her and following her classes. Although I was never pregnant she ignited so much knowledge in me that I have to give classes myself, to give the knowledge through so to say. I recommend everybody who is pregnant to follow her classes. She was 2 times here in Curaçao and what I had as a feedback of the ladies was that after her classes they felt they could do it, she gave them selfcontrol...Well, Patricia, thanks for everything, love you for life!!!

Allison de Windt

Patricia is amazing in every way! She not only coached me through two incredible pregnancies and births, but she became an incredibly dear friend in the process. Being an American I was unsure of the Dutch birthing process but Patricia gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself and the birthing process. Delivering my babies are the two proudest moments of my life, I did twice something I never thought I'd be able to do, natural childbirth! I am eternally grateful for her spirit and for her belief in me. Her experience, passion and strength are her greatest gifts!!

Maria Bloemarts Kharitonova

To me Patricia's wealth of knowledge and the way she presents it was the way to really understand how a natural birth giving process should be. I attended her yoga classes and together with my husband we also followed birth-preparation partner classes. All that helped immensely when getting ready for our first child birth. 

Now that we are expecting a second one and having moved to another country, while on a visit in the Netherlands we took a private 2 hours refresher, it was very helpful too! 

What I especially like about Patricia's approach is her way of explaining, everything becomes very clear and falls into places. I think even for natural sceptics attending Patricia's private or group classes would help in preparing for the birth of their children. Good luck with this amazing adventure of your life!

Claudia Valenzuela

Our experience with Patricia was very special and warm. My first labour was at home without a Doula, and from the moment I was pregnant of my second baby, I decided "this time I will ask a doula" in order to feel a permanent, warm and feminine company, from the start until the end of the process.

 My second labour was at the hospital, I got induced. The presence of my man and Patricia were really complementary. My man supporting me and Patricia empowering me. At the end of the labour, when I felt panic, Patricia said the magic words "Claudia, your daughter is coming, you can receive her in the next contraction". And so I did. I received my daughter Matilda in my hands. I always remember Patricia's calm, support and care. Thank you Patricia for everything. We keep you in our hart.


Patricia helped us, my wife and me during the all process of pregnancy of our 2nd child, our daughter Matilda. Her expertise, experience and good energy was so helpful. It was such a great and beautiful experience (for me ) the day of birth of Matilda. It's hard to describe but we were so much concentrated Patricia, me and my wife of course for making it happen in the good conditions with the right energy. That Matilda when she went out she looked at me with already such a deep look, like if she would have been connected to us already during the all process. Unforgettable moment of my life. Thanks Patricia.

Sonia K. Smith

Patricia's classes helped me tremendously in my birth preparation. She has a gift to transfer her rich experience into a very intuitive, empowering guidance that resonates and stays with you to support you on your big day. Thanks to Patricia I went to my birth calm and confident.

Dorith Gerverdinck

Due to Patricia I found the trust in myself to have my baby the way I wanted. Her lessons are not about how to breath or which muscles to use during labour. It's all about letting go and let your body do all the work. The only thing that you have to do is follow.
Patricia has a real gift when it comes to preparing for birth. She does it in a wholehearted, warm and gentle way. Her classes are a about being together with other mama's to be, sharing experiences and stories, having a laugh and feeling ready for the biggest adventure in your life.

Dido Reijntjes

I had the pleasure to join Patricia her classes during my two pregnancies. Both times I have enjoyed her weekly 2 hours, in which she shares the most amazing stories and insights that teach you so much about being pregnant, your body, yourself and most of all, learning to trust yourself and your body. She has changed my life and helped me and my partner to have two amazing birth experiences. I wish every pregnant women and her partner to have the same experience! I felt so prepared and ready for my labor, without fear. 

The classes also allow you two hours per week in which you can share your own story, laugh, cry and really 'be' with your baby. 
I hope Patricia will keep appearing in my life and if I ever am so lucky to have a third child, I will enjoy her classes again for sure!

Alice Whitmore

Patricia is a very special wise woman to have by your side during pregnancy and birth. She knows how to create and hold the space for birth both at home and in the hospital. She is your strongest advocate, empathetic and caring but also willing to push you when required. She cares deeply for her ladies and always goes the extra mile to ensure a lovely transition into motherhood.

Natasha Golding 

My labour was a powerful and transformative start to parenthood because of Patricia's training. Her weekly lessons where physical, emotional and spiritual preparation. As a doula she had absolute steadiness, faith in my competence and kind wisdom made out of years of experience.

Diana Kos

Going to Patricia's pregnancy yoga classes gave me so much physical, mental and emotional strength to endure the pregnancy and natural childbirth. As an (unexpected) single mom-to-be, that was exactly what I needed at the time. To all the girls in the class, she was like a second mom, our weekly companion, and sometimes daily whatsapp contact. Patricia has also had 4 natural births herself; she has a huge heart, wide-open arms and wise ears to listen, understand and support us from the first months of pregnancy to the moment when the baby is finally born.

Patrick den Rooijen 

As a partner in crime during my wife's first pregnancy I must say that I (I think like most men) had no clue what would happen during the pregnancy but mostly during the delivery.
Patricia really helped me to realize what I could do to be a more helping husband during the phases of the pregnancy and delivery.
Patricia Vriens is a very sweet, caring and highly involved instructor that can be very direct in helping future dad's to find out what is expecting from them during the whole pregnancy.
I can highly recommend the pregnancy partner course at Bewust in Beweging, it really helped my wife and me to be very strong during the pregnancy and be fully prepared (as much as possible off course) for the delivery.

Again, thanks a lot Patricia!

Natalie Wagenaar

I greatly enjoyed Patricia's weekly sessions, they helped me to take time of my busy life and focus on my pregnancy, both from physical, as well as spiritual perspective. Besides useful exercises we did during the lesson, I enjoyed our "how are you feeling?" round, where hearing from other ladies what they were going through helped me with my own issues at the time.

Natasha Stark 

Patricia is exactly the person you need around you during pregnancy, she is warm, caring and supremely knowledgable. She has witnessed hundreds of births and seen many more women go through this time in their lives. As well as the fantastic yoga and movement classes she was also my doula and I think the process would have been a great deal more confusing without her! I looked forward to our classes every week and made lifelong friends who I still see with my young son. You feel a real sense of community with the classes and at this time in life that you really need that support. I cant recommend her highly enough. A must for anyone wanting to keep healthy during pregnancy.


Patricia is a great teacher when it comes to all aspects of birth. She is never afraid to discuss difficult aspects of labour, but she does this in a way that leaves you with determination, trust and self-confidence. Her goal is to empower women and their partners and she does this in a loving, realistic, personal and fun way.

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