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What is a doula?

Doula’s have existed for centuries. Their origin has been traced back to Ancient Greece where Doula meant ‘helping woman’. Professional doulas are referred to as pregnancy or birthing coaches. They typically have lots of experience supporting expectant parents in a non-medical way, during their pregnancy, the birthing process and the first days of parenthood.

Childbirth is a physical, emotional and spiritual experience which can have a long-term impact on a woman’s personal well-being. As a certified and highly experienced doula I will support you and your partner continuously, using encouragement, water, acupressure, massage, positioning, loving attention and other tools as needed. Labor is a dance between a woman and her baby. The role of the people surrounding her should be defined by her needs. My goal during the birthing process is to support both parents in having a positive and memorable birth experience and a gentle beginning for their baby.

35 years of experience

During the last 35 years I have supported many women and their partners during their birthing processes. Home births, hospital births, water births, first baby, second baby, twins, vaginal birth after C section (VBAC), birth after a traumatic (first birth) experience, induced births, complicated and easy births. Some of my clients wished for a natural process, the use of gravity or a water delivery. Others wanted pain medication in a hospital. Some were confident, others were afraid and insecure.

I share my experiences as a doula and teacher for over 35 years to help you make decisions for yourself openly and honestly. My objective is to help you make your choices without fear as the decision maker. To be able to do so I ask you to subscribe for my weekly preparation classes and commit to serious preparation ahead of the arrival of your baby.

“If you are informed, you can make choices, if you are prepared you can face anything with confidence”
– Patricia Vriens

Healing of previous trauma


I routinely work with women who for one reason or another had a traumatic birth experience previously. I help you face and conquer any fears which may have developed, moving you into a place free of the effects of that previous trauma.

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