Women and their partners are being inspired to take an active role during pregnancy and birth

A three part training to prepare together for the upcoming birth.

Part 1: Attendance recommended between 12 and 40 weeks

  • Grounding and strengthening exercises to empower the mother to find the trust in her ability to give birth
  • Learning to connect with both body and breath, this will help you in dealing with your feelings during labour and birth.
  • Learning to trust each other’s strength, ability and skill will help you both to let go of control and fear. This will inspire fathers/partners to maximize their involvement during pregnancy and labour.

Part 2: Attendance recommended between 14 and 40 weeks

  • Exercises to develop fitness, better posture and therefore optimal positioning of the baby for birth
  • Includes practical work on positions, partner participation and massage.
  • Prevention and relieving of back pain, pelvic instability, sciatica or minor ailments as heartburn, oedema, hard belly.
  • Breathing awareness, expression through sound and deep relaxation for use in labour.

Part 3: Attendance recommended between 32 and 40 weeks

  • Learn a range of practical ways to assist during birth, including natural upright positions, natural forms of pain relief, relaxation and ways to stimulate an overdue or slow labour.
  • Learn how to minimize the risk of a long, difficult or complicated labour, episiotomy or tearing.
  • Learn how to make informed decisions, understand medical interventions and medication.
  • Learn how to create a calm and reassuring atmosphere during labour, whether you are having a natural active birth in hospital or at home, planning to use a water pool or considering an epidural.

Dates partner training 2021-2022

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
17 September 2021 8 October 2021 5 November 2021
Sat. 30 October 2021 3 December 2021 7 January 2022
10 December 2021 21 January 2022 11 February 2022
28 January 2022 18 February 2022 18 March 2022
4 March 2022 8 April 2022 6 May 2022
29 April 2022 27 May 2022 24 June 2022
10 June 2022 15 July 2022 2 September 2022

The workshops do not need to be followed in this particular sequence. You can choose the dates as you like, or book private sessions.
You are welcome already to start this training early in the pregnancy, from 3 month’s on.  Also later in the pregnancy you are still able to follow all the 3 parts.


‘The Breathing Space’
Van Kinsbergenstraat 50 HS
1057 PS Amsterdam



Friday 19.30-22.00 hour
(the door opens at 19.15 hour)



Three-part training € 275,- (one payment)
Single training: € 100,- (one, two or three payments)
Cancellation Charge: €35,- ( see Terms & Conditions)
Private sessions : € 200,- ( 2 hours, 2 persons)

This training is taught in English. A Dutch explanation is available upon request

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