Patricia has almost 40 years of experience in guiding pregnant women and their partners

“Do you actively want to give birth or be delivered from suffering?”

Her motto is: “do you actively want to give birth or be delivered from suffering?” In other words: do you want to be in charge – as much as is possible – and go into the delivery process on your own terms, or do you or do you want to surrender your autonomy?

By working with pregnant women on a weekly basis, Patricia guides them in the direction of a natural, conscious and safe delivery process. This means that a woman consciously starts to move, increases her capacity and actively develops her body and breath consciousness, which enables her to give birth to her child, on her own.

Years of experience

Pregnancy and the delivery process have always taken a central focus in the studies that Patricia has undertaken in The Netherlands, Japan and Italy. Her focus has always been on the wisdom of the body and awareness. Through education and training in the fields of Western and Eastern medicine, movement science, Yoga, Martial Arts, emotional bodywork and weight training, the body increasingly became an ally. “The body knows the way”

By actively and consciously working with the body, tension and fear will transform into confidence. That is Patricia’s personal experience after 35 years of guidance. You develop within yourself and the self-awareness nurtured becomes the basis for self-wisdom. Your body becomes the guide.

Patricia Vriens

Patricia Vriens (1961) has a background as movement therapist and yoga-martial arts teacher. She has specialized as a pelvic therapist within the Röst method and has been a Doula since 1985 – offering individual coaching to women and their partners during labour.

As a biography – (reflexion) and parenting coach she also offers guidance on personal growth within a relationship, where each participant is responsible for their own share of the necessary work.

Patricia and her husband live in Amsterdam. Their four adult children follow their own wisdom.

The exercises within the class are yoga based but specifically focused on mental and physical training for labour.

 You will learn a wide range of positions, movements, breathing and vocal techniques which will keep you active during birth and focused in a calm and capable manner, allowing your body to do what it was built for.