Patricia offers her knowledge and experience privately, enabling you to take an active role yourself in your own pregnancy, birth and post-partum experience.

What I offer

Personal guidance as an individual or as a couple. This includes:

  • Yoga sessions, tailored to your needs, also men and not pregnant women ar welcome
  • Posture and movement therapy
  • Preparing you for birth (one to one) without fear
  • Partner Preparation
  • Coaching during pregnancy
  • Prenatal (one to one) support, tailored to your needs
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Breath-Massage-Session in preparation of Labour Contractions
  • Baby massage

Also do I offer my expertise in:

  • Optimal fetal positioning if baby is in breech
  • Specialized treatment for overdue dates – Overdue, what to do?!
  • Broken waters without contractions
  • How to create a positive experience with a planned C section
  •  Preparation for a scheduled induction
  • Treatment for Pelvic Pains and Instability
  • Fear and Trauma

Healing of previous trauma

I routinely work with women who for one reason or another had a traumatic birth experience previously. I help you face and conquer any fears which may have developed, moving you into a place free of the effects of that previous trauma.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or mail.

If I can do something for you, feel free to contact me


Private session (individual): €110,- per hour
Partner session: €235,- for 2 hours

No strings attached
1000+ women and partners have already preceded you
Personal advice according to your wishes