Working with your body, on a regular basis develops trust and relaxation

Initiation into motherhood

Preparation is essential for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. My classes are specifically focused on the mental and physical training of you, as a pregnant woman, to help you access your own power.

The initiation into motherhood is an unknown and new life experience. My weekly classes offer the possibility to connect with other women and to share experiences. Continuing to take action according to your own feelings and insight is of great importance for both you and your baby.

Your pregnant body demands attention, rest and movement in a new way. Pregnancy and the labor process need your full stamina, so maintaining strength and flexibility is vitally important.

To give birth you need to open up physically, to do this you must feel safe in doing this emotionally. I believe it is important in today’s modern world that you give yourself these 2 hours a week to focus and get in tune with your growing baby and your changing body. My classes give you the time, on a weekly basis, to connect with yourself, your changing body and your growing baby.

Together we work on maintaining a healthy, strong and resilient body during pregnancy, as well as preparing for childbirth. By consciously moving, you ensure that your fitness, strength and flexibility improve. Using breath and movement together enable your consciousness to grow, this is a thorough preparation for the contractions during the labor process.

In my classes, you will learn how to use your body constructively during childbirth and with that, your confidence grows in your ability to give birth to your child, yourself.

The body has natural wisdom

The body has natural wisdom and intuitively knows the correct route. However the labor process is intense and requires physical and mental capacity. By working actively, attentively and respectfully with your body on a regular basis, you will develop this necessary capacity and there will be a gradual shift from fear to trust. That trust results in relaxation and in this way a rooted basis is formed allowing you to flow with and during delivery. This ability will also have a direct and positive affect on how you carry yourself as a mother.

Taught in English & Dutch, my classes are a safe, intimate place for women to share their pregnancy journeys with each other. Helping my ladies learn from each other, support each other and build a community which will serve them well once they are mothers.

Your partner also has an important role. I offer the Partner Training classes to ensure that your partner also has the confidence to help you effectively and adequately. This becomes concrete and clear during the partner evenings. Childbirth is intensive and requires strength and focus from both of you. Cooperation and surrender are keywords in every birth.

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Wednesday 17.30-19.30 and 20.00-22.00



€90,- a month (4 weekly classes)
You can start any time during the month, if space is available. Please contact me before coming.
Private session : €110,- an hour

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